Our Software solutions

Here you can find our software solutions, most are available as freely available web applications


Shiny web application and R code for single channel threshold setting. This tool will allow you to set a data driven treshold between positive and negative partitions in dPCR experiments

Mixed models

Shiny web application for GLMM analysis of digital PCR experiments. This tool will help you to properly estimate confidence intervals in single and multiplex dPCR experiments

Flexible analysis of Standard error calculation in dPCR experiments

Shiny web application for standard error calculation


Shiny web application for digital PCR quality control. This tool provides an alternative more robust method for analyzing the dynamic range and linearity of dilution curves. This tool can also be applied for qPCR experiments


Shiny web application for power calculation of absolute and relative digital PCR quantification experiments


R code for partition classification using the Umbrella method

Variance Components in dPCR

Mini website to simulate variance components in dPCR experiments

DNA integrity calculation

Shiny web application for DNA integrity analysis by digital PCR

DDES (Digital PCR Data Essentials Standard)

Shiny web application for converting and editing the DDES format

HIV DNA Rainbow Qiacuity

Shiny web application for analyzing HIV DNA Rainbow data from Qiacuity dPCR